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Christian Life Orphanage Centre was founded in 2005 by Patrick and Beatrice Mwafute. They were surrounded by children who were forced to live on the streets; many of them orphaned or forced to leave their homes for other reasons. These children lacked the basic needs to enable them to live full, healthy lives. They faced insurmountable obstacles such as drug and alcohol addictions, and had no one to turn to.

It was in response to these circumstances that Patrick and Beatrice opened up their home to these children.

In the spring on 2009, I (Dan) was on an outreach with Youth With A Mission in East Africa. On a last minute stop while traveling to Arusha, Tanzania from Bujumbura, Burundi, our team stopped for a few days in Mwanza. We stayed with the Mwafutes and saw the incredible work they were doing with the local street children. We also were struck with how devoted they were, though they had very limited financial resources. They were living month to month. We all left very changed.

Once we arrived home, a few of us decided that we needed to do something to help the orphanage. We started by simply holding a few Christmas fundraising concerts. The next year we did a few more concerts, and it has continued to grow since then. We started out small and simple, and never in our wildest dreams could we have foreseen where this project was leading. You have all been so supportive of what is so close to our hearts, and have brought us to where we are today.


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